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A Picture a Day!

I really wanted to do this, so I am! 366 pictures for 366 days :)

click here to see my progress!
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Tis the season to be jolly..

falalalalalalala! I know this post is a liiiiiiiiiiiittle delayed, sorry 'bout that! Ever since I got my amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, extraordinary camera, I've been taking lots and lots of random pictures and now I can share them all with you and now I can share a select few with you! 

(I only posted this because I love the pop of green)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!
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RAW pictures!

well hello again! I haven't posted since the beginning of summer (very sorry..it's been a crazy summer :)) BUT i am back and posting once again! In photography class, we were told to shoot in RAW and try it out! I would try to explain RAW to you, but it wouldn't be pretty and I would just end up confusing everyone, so just Google it :) anyway, I love shooting in RAW. i think the picture quality is a lot nicer. A LOT.
These are some pictures that I took today in my backyard. It was the absolute perfect weather for shooting, so I slipped outside and snapped some shots! Enjoy :)

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Whoaaa, I keep forgetting I have a blog! My friend Laura and I recently(when I say recently, I mean almost a month ago) journeyed to Serenbe (AHHHHHHHHHHHH) and experimented with.........FILMM! It was soo much funn! I wasn't as brave as Laura, who had a manual film camera, soo I just stuck with my good 'ol automatic camera. ILOVEIT.

this is one of my favorites :D

that's all!
My darling sister wants me and my fran to snap a couple of pictures of her, sooo those will (hopefully) be here soon (: